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Who can be qualified to submit an admission application?

Answer: You can be qualified to submit an admission application if you are:

  • A voter of Caloocan or if your mother/father is a Caloocan voter; or
  • A graduate of any school in Caloocan (Elementary and/or Secondary); or
  • A child of a real property taxpayer of Caloocan.

Can I process my application even if I haven't received yet my grades for the 4th grading period?

Answer: YES. You can process your admission application as long as you have at least grades for the 2nd grading period.

What is the required average to be admitted at the University?

Answer: You must have at least an average grade of 85 and above upon application for you to pass the admission process and a final average of at least 85 and above for the 4th grading period to be fully admitted at the University.

Do you accept walk-in applicants?

Answer: NO. Admission application is now thru UCC-Freshmen Admission Appointment System (FAAS) which can be found only at the UCC website.

Do you accept old graduates and transferees?

Answer: NOT YET. As of now, we can only accommodate graduates of SY 2022-2023.

For more details, please call 2-8404-1098 or 0949-501-5565 (South Campus) / 2-8404-0867 or 0992-839-0946 (North Campus)