To all UCC students (Regular College and Senior High School) enrolling this first semester of SY 2016-1017, please observe the following:

1. FREE TUITION will still be enjoyed by all regular college qualified for enrolment, regardless of GWA or probationary status. Senior High School students are required to present official DepEd voucher/ LRN.

MOBILE CHALLENGE ASIA PACIFIC Philippine Finals: Top 20 Finish by UCC CSD

The UCC Computer Studies Department have done it again. The CSD Team have once again gave honor to our school by qualifying as Top 20 Finalists in the Mobile Challenge Asia Pacific (MCAP) Philippine Finals last December 5, 2015.

213 Yusisistas, Passed the LET

n the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), taken last August 17, 2014, 121 Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSE) students and 92 Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) students of UCC have passed the examination.